Sarah and I go for bike rides. I take photos when the light is right and when it's safe. It's pretty scattershot. These are the best from the last several months.
Left to right, top to bottom: Queen E Park, Queen E, Stanley Park, Knight, Clark, Fraser, Marine Drive West Vancouver, St. Catherines, Georgia, St. Catherines.




It's why work orders don't have any large empty spaces.

Tech 77 mod


I did this because when used with a road caliper brake the Tech 77 has an uninspiring feel. It worked but... meh. The new cable routing puts the cable pull point a few milimeters closer to the pivot so I can get my stopie on.
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I Found this in Nick's parts box. Nick and I ride both bikes in the spaces between disciplines. Flat pedals, freewheels, levers bent to mount on the curve. We each have parts like this.
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The soft shoulder

I had cracked. My body had failed. Nothing sounded as nice as the promise of a soft shoulder to cry on.